Best Hotel in Westlake Village

 There are many reasons why Westlake Village Inn is a great hotel. First, it is conveniently located near many popular attractions in Los Angeles. Second, the Inn offers a variety of amenities and services that are perfect for travelers. Finally, the staff at Westlake Village Inn is friendly and helpful, making sure that guests have a pleasant stay.


Assuming you would like 3 additional points:


Fourth, the hotel offers a variety of room types to choose from, so guests can find the perfect accommodations for their stay. Fifth, the hotel is pet-friendly, so travelers don't have to worry about leaving their furry friends at home. Finally, the hotel has a great restaurant on-site, so guests can enjoy a delicious meal without even leaving the property.


This Westlake Village hotel has many restaurants and bars on the property. The Stonehaus is the perfect place to have breakfast or even just a cup of coffee. The Mediterraneo is a stunning restaurant for dinner or lunch. Bogie's Bar is the best bar around, very elegant but also allows you to have a great time. This hotel has so much to offer. If you are looking for a luxury experience this is the hotel you need to stay at.  The customer service is amazing, they treat you like family. You're never left wanting more when staying here. There are many reasons to love Westlake Village Inn.

Best Spa in Westlake Village

Looking for a place to relax and rejuvenate? Look no further than the spa at Westlake Village Inn. This full-service spa offers a variety of treatments to help you feel your best.


The expert staff provides facials, massages, body wraps, and more. They also offer a variety of packages so you can customize your experience.


Whether you're looking for a single treatment or a complete spa day, Westlake Village Inn is the perfect place to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate.


Why do you get a spa treatment?


There are many reasons to get a spa treatment. Maybe you're looking to relax and destress. Or maybe you're hoping to improve your skin health.


Whatever your reason, a trip to the spa is a great way to pamper yourself and feel your best.


What are some of the benefits of a spa treatment?


There are many benefits to getting a spa treatment. Here are just a few:


– Relaxation: A spa treatment can help you relax and de-stress.


– Improved skin health: Facials, massages, and other treatments can improve your skin's appearance and health.


– Pain relief: If you're dealing with pain, certain treatments can help.


– Increased energy: A trip to the spa can leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


What types of treatments are available?


There are many different types of spa treatments available. Here are just a few:


– Facials: Facials can help improve your skin's appearance.


– Massages: Massages can help relieve pain and tension.


– Body wraps: Body wraps can help detoxify your body and improve your skin's appearance.


– packages: Most spas offer package deals so you can customize your experience.


No matter what type of treatment you're looking for, you're sure to find it at Westlake Village Inn.


Whether you're looking for a single treatment or a complete spa day, Westlake Village Inn is the perfect place to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate.

Wedding Venue in Westlake Village.


The day has come, you have met the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and they have asked you to marry them. You say yes and now the wedding planning begins. Wedding planning can be so overwhelming and you might not even know where to start! The two most important things you need to do is find your dress and a wedding venue, after that, everything will fall into place. When you are looking for a wedding venue you should consider Westlake Village Inn, a resort in Southern California. There is always great weather, and a travel destination that would make for the perfect destination wedding. They have various different Westlake Village wedding venues that you can choose from, that you are bound to find one that fits the theme of your wedding perfectly.


Find the perfect space for your wedding, look into Westlake Village Inn a resort in Westlake Village. They have indoor and outdoor ceremony spaces that you can choose from. With how many choices you have you can really get exactly what you are looking for. They also have a variety of reception spaces as well, so you can get married and have the reception all on property, which just helps things go a lot smoother. If you want a reception with a view they will have you covered for that as well.

Secrets of The Westlake Village Inn Resort that You Should Know

Entering the Westlake Village Inn resort will take you to a dream that comes true. Once you step in, your will feel like you are entering the heaven on earth, which is beyond your imagination before. Not only can you enjoy its opulence amenities and facilities, but also soothe yourself with the most enchanting panoramas of the vineyards, lake and fountains of Santa Monica.

Wine tasting is the first and the foremost thing that you should give a try at The Stonehaus. Though relaxing at the elegant poolside or your own patio is more than just fantastic, there are still lots of things to explore in this magnificent resort. Its 18-hole golf course, bicycle trail are only to name a few of some great spots to exercise. Spa treatments after exercising is what you need at the luxury spa rooms.

So, don’t forget to visit the Westlake Village Inn if you plan to visit Los Angeles or Malibu, because this inn is within driving distance. Once you indulge the luxury of this inn, you will wish that you can come back again, and again.

The Wedding Venue

When looking for a wedding venue, then one should consider the Westlake Village Inn. The Inn has all it takes to make a perfect wedding venue. It is has various vineyards that ensure privacy and romantic gardens that complement the wedding requirements. For weddings that require open-field celebrations, the Inn has outdoor sites where the celebrations can take place. All wedding packages are also available at the inn. Considerably, other wedding requirements such as cakes and musical instruments are at client’s disposal. This is to ensure maximum efficiency and wondrous experience during the wedding at the Inn.. Westlake Village inn also provides professional coordinators that make sure the dream wedding is effectively accomplished. The coordinators work hand in hand with the clients to make sure they are fully satisfied with the services at the Inn. Other fantastic features available at the Inn include lakeside views and outstanding ballrooms. These ensures a stunning wedding experience that one would never forget. Westlake Village Inn is the weeding venue of choice.


A family owned Bed and Breakfast Westlake Village Inn which could and perhaps should describe itself as a small and intimate hotel could be a great place to spend an affordable vacation.

It sits high on a private hilltop and yet one of the best beaches in the world is only a five minute walk down the hill, where you will land and water sports and restaurants.

This small hideaway hotel is best suited to couples who don’t mind getting out and about to explore the island and its wonderful white sand beaches, and who are looking for personal touches, and not the sophistication of a five star but completely plastic resort. It is the ideal base for people who like to engage with the local community and are happy to stay in quite basic accommodation because the quality of the room isn’t the important thing, provided it is clean, because it’s the experience that counts.

Westlake Village Inn is an excellent hotel located in Westlake Village to give thier guests an unforgettable experiance.

In terms of accommodation, the rooms are kept spotless you can choose from Standard Rooms with a double bed and wonderful views to the village below.

An ideal Wedding Venue

Planning for the wedding is a stressful task, most especially for the bride herself. Thinking about the gown, guests, food, and invitations are all confusing and time-consuming. By the time you think everything is set, you suddenly remember the venue, and hey, you have not had a reservation yet. It may be difficult to book a date at hotels and other prominent facilities, but you can never go wrong with a nice barn wedding facility.

Using a barn setting for wedding venue is cheaper than reservations at big hotels, and what makes it an even better approach is the privacy it offers. Needless to say, barn weddings are more private since there will be no need for passing by other people along corridors or pathways as in a hotel or resort setting. The venue itself is also often closer to the parking area.

Couples can even save more from a barn wedding venue when they incorporate accommodation to it. Many venue businesses offer packages that include both the venue and accommodation at a cheaper rate. Your wedding planner can also help you arrange this kind of approach in case the business is not offering a 2-in-1 package.

There are different types of barn wedding venues with accommodation to suit every couple’s needs. In general, there are venues that come with a standard room accommodation. This is most ideal for use of the couple the night before the wedding.

You can also avail of barn wedding venues with accommodation when planning to stay with family. Larger rooms, adjoining rooms, or multiple rooms may be provided as part of the venue package, however, at a more expensive price. At Westlake Village Inn Weddings, they can accommodate you.

Reservations for barn wedding venues with accommodation are simple and fast. Your wedding planner can help you get one or you can do it yourself through a personal visit to the business or online.

While it was once strange to use a barn setting for a wedding venue, it has now become a popular scene for weddings and intimate events due to its extraordinary charm and uniqueness. With Westlake Village Inn wedding venue with accommodation, the couple as well as their guests can enjoy a warm country atmosphere coupled with elegance during the entire ceremony.

Airforce One Suite- The Popular Westlake Village Inn Gateway

Not many hotels provide their clients with enticing packages like the Airforce One Suite,but Westlake Village Inn is an exception. Get a glimpse of history in thismagical place together with the enchanting presence of lush, green landscapes,a lake, gardens and vineyards, and cobblestone paths. The captivating inn withdeluxe accommodation amenities plays host to special occasions, wedding,meetings, birthday parties and other events.

The Airforce One Suite, which was designated by Ronald Reagans officials, featuresa decent master suite punctuated with Reagans era memorabilia like; limitededition plates, photos of the president and the first lady, and the strikingjar of Jelly Bellies. Here, you can revisit the highlights of Ronald Reagan inspiredlegacy in the Presidential Library. It offers an unforgettable experiencethrough his lifetime events and exhibits that echo the spirit of determination.

The packagefurther includes; provision of lemonade upon arrival, the signaturepresidential Jelly Bellies candy jar, a copy of the President diaries, and ablissful replica of the White House’s Rose sight just around the room. You will also be graced by the presence of the Air Force One aircraft and the full-scale Presidential Oval Office. You only get access to the library and the aircraftthrough the two complimentary tickets you get when you book the Airforce One Suite in Weslake Village Inn.


Things to consider while planning for a vineyard tour

There are numerous travel operators on the planet presently.
The following are tips on planning a vineyard tour

1. Searching for specialists according to the range that one needs to visit. Selection of any one zone and focusing on it is a critical aspect. If one needs to settle on Wine visits from Florence, then hunt down a gentleman around there.

2. Look at the particular administrations offered by the hotel.Find out what makes them unique and unmistakable contrasted with others.

3.Find out whether they are offering a guided excursion. An aide is a right individual who will give you a good thought regarding the vineyards and reasons why it is well known.

When these components are considered one has to take a look at the cost charged and the method of installment. Choosing the individuals who are putting forth a moderate rate. Bearing in mind the currency.

Westlake Village Inn provides a great wine tour in the Westlake Village area.