Tibial Stress in Horses

Tibial stress fracture in horses is known to occur during the initial stages of early training of first timer racehorses. Since the fractures are very painful, a horse is allowed out of training to heal.

Older horses can also get tibial stress fractures upon resuming training from recess. During training, the bones are exposed to stress due to repeated cycling.this exercise is aimed at strengthening the bones but sometimes it results in fatigue which progresses to fracture.

For the treatment of tibial stress fractures, synNutra Equine suggests 90-120 days of rest. They also suggest that you hand walk the horse for two weeks if it experienced a mild periosteal reaction. The following week you walk the horse as you prepare for another two weeks walking it under tack. After this period you can jog for another two weeks and then re-introduce gallops. If you don’t notice anything out of the ordinary, resume fitness training.

Horses with severe periosteal reaction need a longer rest period. SynNutra Equine recommends SynOsteon to shorten the healing time.

Use Equine Ulcer Supplements from SynNutra Equine To Save Your Horse From Colic Pain.

Naturally, horses are one of the most faithful animals and they do what their owners ask them to. But, there are times when your horse refuses to act to your instructions and starts behaving in an odd manner. In such scenarios, you should understand that there is something wrong with your horse. Horses are very sensitive creatures, and thus you should take good care of them. They may be suffering from a disease, which they obviously wouldn’t be able to tell you. It is your duty to take them for a check-up. It is better to control and stop the disease at an initial stage else it will cause a major harm to your horse.

The studies have revealed much higher incidences of stomach ulceration among horses. Equine gastric ulcer is a type of horse colic ailment, which is defined as an erosion of the horse’s abdominal lining due to excessive and prolonged contact with acid that is produced in their stomach. The stomach of a horses is very different from humans as it generate acid continually. So, whenever a horse skips a meal or two, the acid starts damaging the stomach lining causing severe colic pain. Other factors that increase the risk of ulcers in horses include the amount of roughage in their diet, exercise they are made to do, and medications they are taking.

Without causing any delay, these ulcers need to be treated in order to keep a horse in good health. The vet will provide best equine ulcer supplements for your horse and help it to recover from poor appetite, dullness, weight loss, and other symptoms of the gastric ulcers. There are several online and physical stores that provide ulcer medication for horses with SynNutra Equine being one of the best.

As always, prevention is preferred over treatment. There are some techniques, which may assist you in preventing ulcers. The first and foremost technique is to feed your horse frequently or on a free-choice basis. This kind of diet helps horses’ stomach to buffer the acid and stimulate saliva production, nature’s best antacid. Avoid or decrease the use of anti-inflammatory drugs or consult your veterinarian so that medical conditions can be considered.

Usually, equine gastric ulcers will respond to modern medications that reduce the acid production. But, in the meanwhile, the abdominal lining also needs to be recovered. There might be a risk that ulcers will occur again once the treatment stops. So, it is also important to address the underlying causes, and look for supplements that can work in combination with medications.

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