Airforce One Suite- The Popular Westlake Village Inn Gateway

Not many hotels provide their clients with enticing packages like the Airforce One Suite,but Westlake Village Inn is an exception. Get a glimpse of history in thismagical place together with the enchanting presence of lush, green landscapes,a lake, gardens and vineyards, and cobblestone paths. The captivating inn withdeluxe accommodation amenities plays host to special occasions, wedding,meetings, birthday parties and other events.

The Airforce One Suite, which was designated by Ronald Reagans officials, featuresa decent master suite punctuated with Reagans era memorabilia like; limitededition plates, photos of the president and the first lady, and the strikingjar of Jelly Bellies. Here, you can revisit the highlights of Ronald Reagan inspiredlegacy in the Presidential Library. It offers an unforgettable experiencethrough his lifetime events and exhibits that echo the spirit of determination.

The packagefurther includes; provision of lemonade upon arrival, the signaturepresidential Jelly Bellies candy jar, a copy of the President diaries, and ablissful replica of the White House’s Rose sight just around the room. You will also be graced by the presence of the Air Force One aircraft and the full-scale Presidential Oval Office. You only get access to the library and the aircraftthrough the two complimentary tickets you get when you book the Airforce One Suite in Weslake Village Inn.


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